Public speaking

I have experience speaking in front of, and holding workshops for groups as small as 10 people and as large as 500 people. My previous work includes:

  •  ‘The importance of a healthy lifestyle in the workplace’ at the Intel Head offices 
  • The official Launch of ‘Fit Water’ with Anthony Joshua and Emily Skye
  • ‘Finding Body Confidence in your Teens’ in local High Schools
  • ‘Goal setting’ at Glasgow’s SFN Expo
  • ‘Self Acceptance’ at Londons BeFit festival
  • ‘My Journey from Anorexia’ at Irelands Well Fest

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Social Media 

I’m passionate about empowering women to unconditionally love themselves, getting more people moving in a way which they enjoy and food (obv)…  

I love working with brands who embody a similar message to me. My current & previous work includes:

  • Brand Ambassador for Lucozade Sport & Fit Water 
  • #Cleanbeauty Campaign with Holland&Barrett & Kimberly Wyatt 
  • #TokyolaundryxVictoriaNiamh Campaign to launch Tokyo Laundy’s new activewear collection 
  • Puma’s #Velvet Rope campaign with Kylie Jenner
  • #Heretocreate campaign with Adidas
  • #Unlikeany #Iwill Campaign with Under Armour

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The Ultimate Self Love Handbook – This Ebook is the ultimate guide to getting to know yourself better. I wrote it with the aim to help you grow to be the most beautiful, and body confident woman that you are!


I originally started ‘Self Love in 6’ as an Instagram campaign.  I received such great feedback and some really fabulous press coverage. Many were querying about what they would do once the six
weeks were over- so I decided to create this book.


Booty Building Ebook -Here you will find my favorite glute workouts; which have been trialed tested and are proven to turn that pancake posterior, into the perkiest, peachiest booty around!