From Workout based Ebooks, one-one coaching, to Public speaking across the UK, I aim to encompass all avenues in regards to succeed in my mission to educate and empower women to live a healthier an happier life.

Social media also plays a huge role to by business. I love to collaborate with both individuals and companies, in creating cool content for campaigns, articles and  product reviews. See below for further detail.



Booty Building Ebook -Here you will find my favourite glute workouts; which have been trialled, tested and are proven to turn that pancake posterior, into the perkiest, peachiest booty around!


One-One Personal Training

Do you feel like you’re ready to dive straight in and change your life?

Come and join me and my team Pro- fit, in Total Fitness, Altrincham.

If you’ve got what it takes to become a one-one client, you will have access to a Biosignature analysis, a tailored nutrition plan to fit your goal, and training sessions that take your intensity up to the next level.


Collaborations & Press

  • I am a confident public speaker and offer Corporate talks about health and wellbeing, and smaller talks at fitness expos, covering, body image, eating disorders, health and fitness. I have spoken at, BP’s AGM, Intel, Befit festival, Wellfest IRE.
  • I can host my own Health and Fitness events.
  • I am confident on camera for both videos and stills, And have worked with Lucozade sport, Puma and My protein.
  • I can produce creative content for Instagram, for product and event reviews.